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The SIMSme Management Cockpit offers various functions for simple user administration, configuration and distribution of the app.


Keep an overview of your users’ activity

The dashboard uses anonymized data to create clear reports, bringing transparency to how the messenger app is used within your company — such as the number of active users or the top five messages from the info channels.

Uncomplicated license and user management

Creating user accounts is easy, either individually or en masse using a CSV database import. The assignment of keywords and classification of employees into departments or divisions reduces the administrative overhead. Users can be blocked at any time and their communication log deleted, such as upon leaving the company.

Create and manage groups and info channels

Discussions in groups promote quicker and more efficient collaboration in teams or departments. As Administrator, you have the opportunity to create groups for specific users and to invite employees automatically. Channels allow you to send central messages, images and files to a defined circle of recipients, quickly informing employees throughout the company about new developments.

Design the app to match your corporate design

SIMSme Business can also be visually adapted to look like a custom corporate instant messenger app, boosting employee acceptance. The Management Cockpit offers various helpful functions for this, including the option to upload your corporate logo and change the visuals to match your corporate colors.

Adapt app functions and usage rights to fit your compliance guidelines

SIMSme Business can be configured to meet your compliance and security specifications, including options within the Management Cockpit on password guidelines, password complexity and media guidelines (such as allowing or blocking local storage, sending, forwarding or sharing with other apps).

Test the SIMSme Management Cockpit

We’re offering free trial access to give you the chance to experience the benefits of the Management Cockpit for yourself. You’ll have full access to all relevant functions:


  • Reporting dashboard
  • User and license administration
  • Groups & channels
  • App design configuration
  • App settings

Compatible with your mobile device management

SIMSme Business works with many mobile device management systems, and in fact is even easier to distribute and adapt to your security requirements when one is in place. SIMSme Business supports Android for Work (Android 5.0 and newer) and Managed App Configuration (iOS 8.0 and newer) as well as the following MDM systems: