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How to use: Trust is good, control is better

What the color codes for your chat contacts in SIMSme Business denote

Red, yellow, green: the color coding of your SIMSme Business contacts is as simple as a stoplight. One look is enough fur users to discern the surety of their chat partners identity.

Farbe Code Kontakte | Colors Contacts
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The highest data confidentiality and the best data protection are important components of the SIMSme philosophy. With this standard the SIMSme Messenger app meets the highest security requirements needed for professional use. The trust status shown in SIMSme Business indicates whether a real person is on the other end of the chat. This is how it works:

  • Red status
    Every SIMSme contact starts off red. This only changes after the two of you have communicated.
  • Yellow status
    You have already communicated with the other user. This means one participant has already sent a message and the other has recognized this contact by answering.
  • Green status
    Green is the highest level of trust. To gain this, it is necessary for both parties to have met in person and exchanged their SIMSme-Keys, in addition to having communicated via the app.

How does it work? Try for yourself!


What you need to do:

  • Under Contacts, open your chat partner’s profile.
  • Tap Scan contact.
  • Then scan their QR code. That’s it. You’re done!


What the chat partner has to do:

  • Pull up their QR code under Settings > Profile and let you scan it.
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