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Companies and organizations already working with SIMSme Business value its high security standards and quick networking of their employees and teams.

Some of our Customers

Some Customers SIMSme Business


Industry: Motor vehicle manufacturer, bicycle manufacturer, registered office: Aachen. Manufacturer of electric vehicles (vans) and electric cargo bikes. 500 employees (2018)

We use SIMSme Business comprehensively, so all our employees have a mobile phone that can be reached by mobile. […] This gives me better, more transparent communication, i. E. I have the information I need very quickly.

Fabian Schmitt, CTO StreetScooter GmbH

  • Acceleration of internal corporate communication
  • Reduction of email volumes
  • Potential for integrating external service providers into the communication; connections to customers may eventually be added in
  • Design modification to promote corporate identity and identification of employees with the company
  • Notification of employees about current developments within the company
  • Adherence to security guidelines
  • Set-up and rollout within a week
  • Open user group - communication from the app to the SIMSme network possible
  • Establishment of company channel for push notification on internal news
  • SIMSme Business is the leading communication tool within StreetScooter GmbH

FC Deutsche Post

Internal branding program to strengthen employee identification with the company, Headquarters: Bonn. Internal company organization to network employees interested in corporate sporting teams, primarily soccer, running and cycling. Up to 180,000 employees.

We were looking for a better way to network our employees and at the same time a platform for sending important messages without a delay. SIMSme has fit the bill perfectly.

Axel Breme, VP Brand Management, FC Deutsche Post

  • Promotes networking and discussion among employees
  • Custom channels for notifying employees on an ad-hoc basis about the latest developments
  • Modified design to promote better identification with company
  • Public availability of the app makes distribution easier within a restricted set of participants
  • Communication with external parties should be possible, including for example family members of employees
  • App adjusted to corporate identity
  • Open user group — communication into the SIMSme network a possibility
  • Password-protected registration prevents unauthorized access
  • Setup of various content channels to notify employees about the latest developments and establishment of an informal channel to inform members via immediate push notification

Bavarian County Association

Industry: Public sector, Headquarters: Munich. One of the four umbrella community organizations in Bavarian, covering 71 Bavarian counties. The core goal of the Bavarian County Association is to secure communal self-administration at the county level and to support dialog between the various counties.

We’ve been looking for a truly secure solution for our internal mobile communication for quite a while now. Administrators need a quick and reliable platform to swap information too.

Klaus Geiger, Expert in Organization, Administrative Modernization and Digital Administration at the Bavarian County Association

  • Discussions between the district administrators; plans to add in district employees as well
  • Accelerated communication without added email load
  • Restricted user group
  • Design adapted to the CI of the Bavarian County Association
  • Information about latest updates
  • App adjusted to corporate identity
  • Closed user group — communication into the SIMSme network not possible. Use of the app requires previous user registration with a central office
  • Establishment of company channel for push notification of latest info