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Exchange sensitive data securely via app

New: Direct line to coworkers and patients via news channel in Messenger

Many nursing and social care coworkers also use their private Messenger at work. This is not allowed, however, and violates German and European data protection regulations.

Ärzte, Pflegedienste und Sozialeinrichtungen brauchen eine sichere Chatlösung, die alle Anforderungen der EU-DSGVO erfüllt. [Foto: iStock/FredFroese]
Doctors, nursing services, and social services need a secure chat solution that meets all the requirements of the EU GDPR. [Photo: iStock/Fred Froese]

Make processes faster and easier

Health data is subject to extra strict conditions. With SIMSme Business, nursing documentation, medical records, and prescriptions can be sent without hesitation. In medical facilities, this makes many processes easier and faster: for example with scheduling, the dispatch of service records, or transfer protocols.

New feature: the news channel

Nursing and social services can now also use the SIMSme Business Messenger as a news channel for communicating with coworkers, patients, and relatives. It’s really simple. Without additional software, long implementation phases, or training. Any user can quickly and intuitively use all the features of SIMSme Business.


Read more in the full text at Health & Care Management.

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