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Digital natives have a clear demand on their professional communication channels: they should be as fast and easy as the tools they use privately. For IT managers in companies, this means new challenges in data protection, security, and management. iX reports:

With strict security standards and comprehensive data protection measures, SIMSme Business ensures that temp agency and personal data are optimally protected. (professional messenger apps)
With strict security standards and comprehensive data protection measures, SIMSme Business ensures that company and personal data are optimally protected.

Millennials can’t seem to do anything without messenger apps. More than 90% of this under-30 crowd use WhatsApp and the like, but CIOs and network administrators have to face a number of complex questions. How to meet user requirements? How to ensure the integrity and security of IT infrastructures? Compromises in security for the benefit of the user experience are not allowed. Because IT is often linked to many sensitive areas. And cyber-attacks on corporate networks are becoming increasingly savvy.

With SIMSme Business, Deutsche Post has developed a messenger app that is user-friendly and at the same time delivers the highest levels of data protection, security, and regulatory compliance. This offer fills a gap in the market, as many messenger apps offered for personal use do not handle confidential information securely. WhatsApp even transfers address data to its parent company Facebook in the USA. This is a clear violation of the EU’s GDPR unless all contacts explicitly agree to this transfer. This is hardly practical. SIMSme Business, on the other hand, meets the high requirements of the EU regulation. In this way, companies can avoid fines amounting to millions of euros that are threatened in cases of infringements.

Better security

Hardware, software, and organizational measures are designed for a high level of data protection and security.

  • Server farms in Germany
  • End-to-end encryption for data transmission and encrypted data storage on smartphones, tablets, and web browser
  • IT design according to German and European data protection laws and regulations
  • Principle of (purpose-related) data minimization
  • Registration as a telecommunications service with the Federal Network Agency
  • Adaptations to your organization’s security and compliance requirements

Better teamwork

IT features support collaboration

  • Management cockpit for admins to manage users
  • Centrally controlled distribution lists for cross-organizational messages
  • Synchronization of chats, data, and contacts across all devices: smartphone, tablets, and desktop computers with SIMSme Web Messenger
  • Bcc communication options
  • Centrally managed channels for team chats
  • Email-based address books
  • Comments functions


*Survey of the German Institute for Trust and Security on the Internet (DIVSI): How internet users in Germany treat terms and conditions and privacy policies.

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