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Messenger apps in hospitals: safety comes first

SIMSme Business meets strict data protection requirements for consultations in hospitals

Communication via messenger apps can help doctors, nurses and patients in equal measure. Yet choosing the right service requires utmost care to avoid data leaks and ensuing strict penalties – a dreadful situation that nobody wants. As such, say hello to the easy-to-use app from Deutsche Post.

Just a little over a year ago, a hospital in Southern Germany faced a nightmare scenario. A private citizen found around 100 files with patient records in the rubbish. These contained sensitive information on such things as drug abuse and suicide attempts. It was extremely fortunate that the finder handed over the papers to the police.

Fines can have a devastating impact

While the culprit would have had to face a fine of up to € 300,000 back then, the penalties changed scarcely half a year later. Breaking the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can now cost up to € 20 million or four percent of the yearly revenue, whichever is higher – and let’s not forget the professional consequences, compensation claims and considerable damage to one’s image.

Caution when using messenger apps

It doesn’t matter at all whether it concerns paper records or electronic data. If, for example, WhatsApp is used in a hospital on a daily basis to briefly discuss patients and treatments, the data protection risk is immense.

You can read more in the complete text at Klinik Management Aktuell.

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