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SIMSme Business in the Handelsblatt supplement on the GDPR

Instant messaging has become an integral part of everyday business life.

Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President of Digital Labs at Deutsche Post AG, explains in an interview why companies no longer have to choose between usability and security.

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Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President Digital Labs, Deutsche Post AG

With SIMSme Business, Deutsche Post has launched a messenger app exclusively for use in the workplace. Why should companies use SIMSme Business instead of WhatsApp?

It’s very simple: Because lots of official information can no longer be transmitted with WhatsApp based on current law and especially once the GDPR takes effect in May. Not to mention the possible risks to corporate security. With SIMSme Business, companies can benefit from the advantages of using messenger apps in a legally secure way.

What exactly are the advantages?

Messenger apps makes internal communication faster, more efficient, and more convenient. Matters discussed at client meetings, instructions given to employees, and photos of flip charts after a round of discussion can all be quickly forwarded to the right person, without having to deal with the usual Cc’s and Bcc’s for emails. Sales representatives can be quickly reached via messenger apps at any time and place. And with the Management Cockpit, administrators have an intuitive tool for managing users and licenses – even from their desktops, if they like.

What makes your app so secure?

With SIMSme Business, all data is protected with end-to-end encryption and is deleted after delivery. Hosting and operation is carried out on ISO 27001 certified servers located exclusively in Germany. The service complies with the Federal Data Protection Act, the forthcoming GDPR, as well as the requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

And who’s already using SIMSme Business?

Our customers include Volkswagen Financial Services and the Association of Bavarian Local Governments. However, interest in SIMSme Business spans all industries.

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