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Private customer messenger with new features

Updated release brings new features, more convenience, and an improved design.

For SIMSme, the private customer version of the Deutsche Post Messenger, a comprehensive technical release has now been published. “It includes many new features that make chatting via SIMSme even more convenient,” says Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President Digital Labs at Deutsche Post. The app has changed visually as well. After the update, the messenger now features a current iOS 11 look.

Anyone using SIMSme on the iPhone X can now unlock the messenger app via Face ID. This eliminates the code or fingerprint, because a glance into the smartphone camera suffices. In addition, push notifications about received messages are more detailed than before. In the individual chat, users now also see whether the other party is currently typing. Those who prefer not to use these features can deactivate them.

The person search provides even more convenience through extended features: Via the plus icon, other SIMSme users can be found rather easily by means of their phone number or 8-digit SIMSme ID. The ID is especially useful if people want to stay anonymous on Instagram & co. If they provide their SIMSme ID as a contact option in their social media profile, their followers can find and write to them via the person search without having to exchange personal information.

In addition, in the new release users can individually set whether they want to automatically download media and files that they receive via SIMSme. It is now likewise possible to mute individual chats for up to 24 hours. The update also brings advanced filtering capabilities and improved search across chat, groups, and news channels for a quicker overview.

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