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Safely chatting within the church’s organizations

Approved by data protection specialists: Churches in Germany rely on SIMSme Business

Youth work and religious counseling, nursing services and kindergartens, hospitals and counseling centers: Around 1.3 million people work at the nearly 50,000 companies and institutions of the two major churches in Germany. 660,000 people alone are employed in the 25,000 facilities and services that are connected to Caritas nationwide. They are supported by around half a million volunteers. 265,000 work in hospitals of ecclesiastical institutions.

They can now all use SIMSme Business with attractive terms at their organizations: SIMSme Business and the Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der Kirchen in Deutschland mbH (WGKD) have signed a Germany-wide framework agreement for the use of the Messenger.

WhatsApp-ban from above

Previously, the church data protection specialists were quite clear about their prohibition of the professional use of messengers like WhatsApp because of privacy issues for employees. With SIMSme Business, the employees in the church service now have an app that fully meets the strict data protection criteria of the churches in Germany. These are:

  • All messages have to be encrypted end-to-end.
  • The Messenger service may use connection data solely for the purpose of messaging. Commercial use is not allowed.
  • Allowing third parties to read contact data, for example, via the smartphone’s address book, by the messenger provider is excluded.

There are various fields of application of Messengers in the church and charitable work:

Support for children and adolescents: direct line

Children and adolescents need special protection and this also applies to their data. Care plans for the daycare, support measures for a child, or a youth group trip: Childcare facilities and youth workers are more likely to use a secure messenger, such as SIMSme Business, for internal collaboration and data transmission.

Nursing and social service: common help

Employees of nursing and social services have to communicate a lot and respond quickly. For this they need medical records, exchange care addresses, or send transfer protocols. Such health data is subject to strict conditions. With SIMSme Business, care and social services communicate both securely and legally. And with the Web Messenger, files can even be sent directly from the workstation.

Religious counseling: highest confidentiality

Religious counseling in particular often deals with very personal and sensitive topics. It must be ensured that data is not passed on to third parties. A secure messenger like SIMSme Business is needed for those working in religious counseling, for example, when consulting services are discussed or assistance is organized.

Approved by data protection specialists

According to Michael Jacob, data protection specialist of the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD), SIMSme meets these requirements and is therefore suitable as a messenger for church use.
Rainer Gritzka, the Managing Director of WGKD, is also satisfied: “Churches are at the center of our society. Of course, employees chat in kindergartens, nursing homes, or hospitals via messaging apps. With SIMSme Business, we now offer all these people the ability to securely use Messenger for their work.”

Volunteers and private individuals can chat securely with SIMSme Private for free and without advertising. And they can of course also communicate with SIMSme Business users.

Read more in the joint press release from Deutsche Post and WGKD about the framework agreement.

Children and people in need of care need special protection and this is especially true for their data.
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