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Security loopholes in Email encryption

SIMSme Business offers companies secure protection

Emails are not secure – even if they’re encrypted. A research team at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences discovered significant loopholes in popular email encryption programs.

Sicherheitsfeatures SIMSme Business Verschlüsselung
Thanks to its numerous features, SIMSme Business is safe from eavesdropping.

Normal companies usually use S/MINE encryption, which the experts have now rated as “irrecoverably broken.” The danger is real. In 59 percent of all successful cyber-attacks on small and medium-sized companies, email was the decisive door opener, the German Insurance Association reported. As digital networking continues, malware and viruses will be able to spread rapidly. It’s no longer just individual companies or institutions that are being targeted by criminals, but rather all accessible computers indiscriminately.


Secure messengers can replace email


“SIMSme Business is the secure alternative for corporate communications,” explains Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President of Digital Labs at Deutsche Post AG. Deutsche Post’s messenger offers complete end-to-end encryption and certified cryptography across all devices with servers located in Germany. The application follows a consistent zero-knowledge approach, which means that no metadata is evaluated or passed on.


Also with regard to the European General Data Protection Regulation, which is set to go into effect in eight days, SIMSme Business offers companies the highest level of security—because SIMSme Business is EU GDPR-compliant.


Web version as convenient alternative to classical email


SIMSme Business is also available in the web browser. Web Messenger synchronizes all chats, data, and contacts on a computer with smartphones and tablets – and vice versa. And on up to ten devices at the same time at that. Whether in the office or on the go, your communication is always up to date. The Web Messenger works regardless of whether the app is installed on your smartphone or not – thus a genuine and safe alternative to email.


With SIMSme Business, there are numerous benefits for companies: No chance for hackers and data thieves, no danger of fines in the millions due to lack of data protection – instead, simple and fast communication.

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