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Setting up a news channel for employees and customers

Using the SIMSme info channel, businesses and administrators can communicate with employees, customers and citizens in an interactive manner

Whether branch news, specialist articles or special offers for customers, messages that administrators and companies want to send over messenger channels have to be integrated quickly and easily. This is possible with SIMSme Business.

Digitisation is an on-going process, something which companies and administrators must go along with if they don’t want to lose touch with their customers and citizens. Regardless of whether it’s important and useful information for city residents, news about one’s own company or spontaneous news about discounts – all of this can be sent directly to the target group’s smartphones via Messenger, thereby establishing real-time contact.

Direct service contact via chat 

This is possible with a personal communal or a business channel in the private customer app from SIMSE, which includes convenient division into headings and subheadings and naturally fits the corporate image and design of the company or authorities. Any SIMSme user can use these channels free of charge. This means the info channel is a perfect opportunity to address employees, citizens and customers in a direct and targeted manner. The channels also have a contact function, via which users can chat directly with the service team. And staff don’t have to answer these questions on a smartphone, as SIMSme Business can also be used on a desktop via the web browser.


Create an info channel with these simple steps

  1. Create a new channel in the Management Cockpit

2. Name the info channel, select an image (optional) and select channel members on the right

3. For regular information, select RSS feeds, for example from the Intranet or an external source

4. The Management Cockpit automatically draws content from the RSS feeds and forwards it to the corresponding channels

5. For internal information, select channel receivers, for example the customer team, human resources or the design department

6. Manually set push notifications where needed

The clearly arranged news feed is ready, containing exactly what is needed, and reaching exactly those for whom it is intended. As such, the messenger app helps to make processes more efficient and effective in a way that is practically effortless. It really is digitisation moving forward step by step.

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