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Siegburg: Administration chats securely

Information platform for citizens with SIMSme Business.

SIMSme Business is making both internal and field services communication in the county seat of Siegburg faster, more secure, and more efficient. In addition, the administration is testing the Messenger as an information platform for citizens.

Siegburg: Kommunikation per Messenger.
Siegburg: Communication via Messenger.

In the county seat of Siegburg, SIMSme Business is now simplifying official processes, for example in local government offices: If the field worker detects a violation, such as a car parked incorrectly, they can easily take a picture of the situation using their smartphone and immediately send the image to the specialist application via messenger. The evidence photo will be automatically sent along with the fine. The advantage: No one has to spend time importing from camera memory cards or dragging data into folders.   More efficiency “The use of a messenger brings noticeable gains in efficiency. This is especially true for processes where close coordination between internal and field services is necessary, or for the organization of emergency services,” says Bernd Lehmann, Department Head of the city of Siegburg. Meanwhile, employees in the construction management office as well as in real estate management are also using the app.   “On the safe side with SIMSme Business” The reasons for choosing SIMSme Business: Usability and efficiency gains, but above all data protection and data security. “We’re on the safe side with SIMSme Business,” says Lehmann. An advantage is also the simple application: Everyone in the agency was able to starting working with the app right away; it did not require training sessions or an implementation phase. Pilot project for the citizens The City of Siegburg is currently testing a completely new feature: SIMSme Business can now also process RSS feeds, keeping employees and citizens up to date via automated news channels. During the Siegburg pilot, citizens are expected to be provided with information from municipal life via the news channel, e.g. about upcoming events. Anyone with SIMSme’s private customer app installed on their mobile phone can subscribe to the Siegburg channel and get information about the city. Citizens can also chat with city officials, make appointments, or ask questions. Read more about the Siegburg pilot project in the full article at

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