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This is how nursing teams chat quickly and safely

Instant Messenger enables real-time direct communication

Direct, seamless and real-time communication is pertinent for requests for a patient’s state of health, an emergency, sick leave or a new planner for nursing service providers. Employees must constantly consult with dispatchers, nurses and colleagues.

Schnelle und direkte Kommunikation via Messenger.
Fast and direct communication via messenger.

Instant messenger helps – but beware: compromising privacy can result in high costs.

Save time and money

Direct and uncomplicated communication via Instant Messenger aids in reacting quickly during any situation. Leading cumbersome phone calls with different parties is redundant; Since the chats can be read by all relevant parties, agreements can often be reached much quicker than over the phone. Direct communication through Instant Messenger also allows for faster and more precise dispatching and route planning, which in turn saves time and money.

The use of WhatsApp is not permitted for nursing teams

Many health care services utilize the leading messenger WhatsApp for direct coordination. This is prohibited due to privacy issues. Health data are subject to strict conditions; unauthorized third parties may not have access to it. The European General Data Protection Regulation provides for drastic fines for infringements. In extreme cases, fines can amount to 20 million euros or four percent of the annual turnover. The annual report of the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information states that “Instant messaging can also be used in the sensitive sector of care services … The use of WhatsApp in its current form is inadmissible.”

Churches, which operate every fourth hospital in Germany, have long since reacted. For their employees, a clear
on-duty WhatsApp ban has been put in place for almost two years.

Secure alternative from Deutsche Post

However, there is another way: Deutsche Post has developed a messenger with SIMSme Business that fully complies with German and European data protection regulations. Certified cryptography, full end-to-end encryption and German operated servers provide the required security. Practical features make it easier to take care of day-to-day business: with the SIMSme Business Web Messenger, the application can also be used on a computer. The nursing administration at the head office can conveniently type longer texts on the computer keyboard and insert photos or documents into files using the
drag-and-drop feature.

New feature: the news channel

Nursing service providers do not only have to use SIMSme Business for interactive communication; Employees can be specifically informed via news channels about, for example, new therapeutic approaches, continuous education requirements and much more. As an example, the app’s control tool automatically pulls content from the intranet or specialist publications and then forwards it.

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