SIMSme - the free messenger app for secure private communication

  1. Secure messaging, with top-grade end-to-end encryption
  2. Fantastic app user experience and all the latest functions
  3. Self-destructing messages
  4. Servers in Germany to ensure GDPR compliance
  5. Cost and advertisement free

SIMSme protects your data from hackers and other eavesdroppers.

The app offers cutting-edge messenger functionality and premium security, all completely cost and advertisement free. To ensure genuinely secure messaging, we use true end-to-end encryption on servers pased solely in Germany. SIMSme Messenger thus complies with the GDPR whilst protecting your privacy.

The secure messenger app

Send text and voice messages.

Confidential information can be sent as self-deleting messages.

Share videos, images and locations.

Send files in any format desired.

Reminder messages can be scheduled ahead of time.

Groups can be created with up to 100 members.

Benefits of SIMSme Messenger

World-class encryption

Messages are encrypted on the sender's device and cannot be decrypted on any device except the intended recipient's. The private keys never leave your smartphone. No one - ourselves included - can read your messages.

Cost free, advertisement free

We at Deutsche Post do not collect, analyse or sell your data. We shall not force you to watch advertisements in the future. SIMSme for consumers is and will remain free. The service is financed via SIMSme Business, an expanded version meeting the specific needs of businesses.

German servers

SIMSme servers are ISO 27001 certified and based solely in Germany.


You can configure messages on SIMSme to self-destruct automatically, meaning the recipient can only read them for a pre-defined period of time.

Confirmation of trusted persons

Contacts can be verified by scanning a QR code. This helps confirm which contacts you made yourself, a helpful deterrent to potential man-in-the-middle attacks.

Content channels

Follow the content channels to keep up to date on the latest news and information.

Compare our products

SIMSme Private Logo


SIMSme Private Logo


Secure end-to-end encryption

Strong privacy protections meeting the EU GDPR.

Innovative messenger functions

Web messenger for computer/tablet

Multi-device compatible (up to ten devices)

Intuitive administrator portal

Enterprise-ready (EMM, LDAP, ISO 27001 etc.)

The free secure instant messenger by Deutsche Post - for confidential communication using your smartphone - on both Android and iOS.